About Us

The concept for Slph Skincare was originated by our founder, Ken Selph. Amazed by the results he experienced on his own skin, he fully committed to make this product available to everyone.

"The dramatic reduction in wrinkles that I have experienced with continued use, motivated me to make this product accessible to everyone that I know. I am proud to attach our family name to this skincare regimen. I believe in it because it works."

Ken can be contacted directly at ken@slphskincare.com.

Jessica Whitaker joined Ken in this entrepreneurial venture almost from the onset. Her energy and commitment has helped the company launch, and their joint venture has exceed expectations. She is the head of sales and can answer any questions that you may have regarding the product line. Jessica can be contacted directly at jessica@slphskincare.com.

We would be happy to hear your feedback and comments in regards to the following topics:

  • Product Satisfaction
  • Product Usage
  • Questions about Ingredients
  • Large Orders
  • Interest in Sales
  • Product Reviews

Thank you for your interest in Slph Skincare.